"Everyone does a little so no one does so much"
- Grandpa Garber


Model equipment displayed in the journals closely resembles the actual tractors and equipment used on the farms, but is not entirely accurate.


Creating 1:64 (S) scale farm displays

As a child, my favorite toys were always tractors.  I would go to great lengths to customize those tractors to fit the needs of my imaginary farm.  My grandfather nurished my love of work working, and as an adult that love was transformed into high detailed farm displays.  In 2009 I began building my first high detail farm display called Garber Dairy Farm.  This display was aptly named as it is a 1:64 replica of our real family dairy farm.  In 2013 I began building my second display with the goal of creating a realistic model farm.  Farview Farms is loosely based of a real farm in the area.

Click the pictures below to see the articles that I've written about these two displays.

Garber Dairy Farm

Farview Farms